I Am Willing

Going through the gospel books is something I have started in the last few months. I made it through Mark and have started on Luke. (I took a detour through 1 Corinthians, but that’s neither here nor there.) Today I read Luke 5:12-16 – the story about healing a leper.

I was always struck with Jesus’ gesture, that he would reach out and touch the man with such an infectious disease. I can only imagine what the people around Jesus must have thought. Would Jesus become a leper? Would all of them end up with a disease? It must have been a tense moment for those who were well.

But I think about the man who was touched – who may have not had much human contact in months or even years. Who knows when he had last seen his family, his friends. Despite this, he took a chance, had some faith and met Jesus. I’m sure Jesus could sense what this man needed, and it was more than a healing.

I hope we can all pray for those who go out into the world in order to bring healing to others. There is a serious situation over in Africa, and hundreds are volunteering to make the journey in order to help those in need.

But what about here at home? In our churches, there are adults and kids who may not receive affection at home. On our streets are people who need a meal and someone to talk to. In our homes, there may be children who need more time that’s not tied up in some scheduled activity or another.

These individuals are each saying what the leper said, “If you are willing, you can make me well.” The answer is up to you.


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