Again, reading through Luke for personal time and for preparing lessons these past couple of weeks has been fascinating. There’s just something wonderful about spending this much time with Jesus.

I read a passage today that I had read a hundred times if I’ve read it once. “A student cannot surpass his teacher, but when fully trained will be like his teacher.” This hit me like a ton of bricks today, for some odd reason.

Many of our pop culture stories are about people surpassing their teachers and going on to accomplish great things. But is that what generally happens? Sure, the skills passed on may be able to improve from generation to generation, but what about the character of that person. Does character improve over time, or is that what Jesus is referring to?

I am, in many ways, very much a child of my parents. They have been my teachers for the greater part of my life. I have also picked up traits and ideas from teachers, mentors, and other respected figures over time. But think about who your children’s teachers are. Consider that who your children spend time with could very well be the person they become.

There’s also a really encouraging aspect to this. Think about your child spending time with Jesus. And then becoming more like Jesus. Sure, we can’t be better than Jesus, but just to be like him would be enough.

Teachers are so important. I appreciate all of the teachers I’ve had in my life – those that challenged me, and those that might not have. Those that I grew close to, and even those with whom I had a strained relationship. Regardless, those men and women helped shape me, whether I admit it or not. And in a way, my character and ideas carry little pieces of them. Thank your children’s teachers, and get to know them.


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