Post Excitement Crash

My body has, without consulting me, decided that it is, in fact, high time I took a moment to sit, rest, and perhaps reflect. It has a habit of doing this… about four times a year. It alerts me to this fact by being sluggish, drowsy, uncooperative, and often times with a minor illness such as a sinus infection. Why four times? Well, because our Daddy-Daughter Dance, VBS, Fall Festival, and the Christmas Drama.

I wonder how many of you, parents or not, are experiencing or going to experience this as I write this. Mainly, because I don’t want to be the only one, you know? Regardless, I sit with a mug of hot tea, listening to Christmas music, and wondering if the program impacted anyone. (That’s the reflection part.)

Being a type-A personality has its perks (things get done) and its curses (constant worry and draining post-event blues). But I’m sure with family arriving in town, school performances, Christmas parties for kids and adults, braving mall traffic, and having to pick up the tree after the cat has knocked it over for the fifth time all take their toll, even on type-Bs. So what do we do?

Well, I try to find some time, even if it’s just a few minutes to rest and reflect. You all help me with that, since you’re reading this. Did I mention the mug of tea beside me? The sounds of Tchaikovsky ring gently in my ears. Your particular method might be different, but I’ve found quiet prayer and silence help me.

I wonder if Mary felt some of this post-excitement crash? Traveling to see extended family, government taxation, lodging issues, and pregnancy all compounded for a veritable cocktail of chaos. And yet, we all picture Mary as this calm, serene woman bearing each problem with grace and peace. Anyone able to deal with all of that mess is surely blessed among women. And on top of everything else the immense blessing and pressure of giving birth to the Son of God. Consider all of the things that mother’s today worry about and then add on that many children didn’t survive back in that era. Everything culminating with the birth of the promised Son and a strange visit from some ecstatic, smelly shepherds. She must’ve been exhausted for days after all of that, and yet we are told that Mary treasured all of these things in her heart.

What a gift! To come through frustrating circumstances and still be able to say that I treasure those situations in my heart. Maybe I should work on that this Christmas: taking the situation, refining it, and treasuring it like gold.

May you have a Christmas that you treasure in your heart.


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