The Bar

There is an incredibly high bar for parenting for my generation. Supermoms and superdads seem to be at an all-time high, and they seem to have learned how to coordinate through a vast network called “Pinterest.” (Supermom/dad – n. – a parent with a high degree of time and/or skill to prepare crafts, snacks, costumes, parties, etc. for their children in an impressive manner) Considering that I’m around that time of life when a family will begin sooner rather than later, I’m honestly a little concerned. I guess I’m a little worried that my child will bring home a report card for me that says I need improvement in snack making or party planning.

Then I read this article.

To be fair, I don’t agree with every statement in the article, but it was nice to hear a parent pause and question the status quo. A parent who stopped and admired her parents for making due on a limited budget and limited time.

I guess what I want to believe is that the bar isn’t set with Pinterest or mommy blogs, but rather by the culture one creates at home. For me it all comes back to the idea of being “present” rather than creating incredible experiences.

If you’re feeling the pressure as a parent, remember that God doesn’t ask for superparents, he asks for present parents. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 is a biblical model for parenting. And, I love it, because it encourages presence over anything else. Simply being there with your children is the most important thing. Sure, crafting experiences is good and can create memories, but being present throughout their lives means so much more.


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