Snowy Silence

My current office is a block room with no windows. I’ve filled it to the brim with toys, supplies, instruments, and assorted decorations. It’s a fun office full of possible distractions, but my desk faces the wall which keeps me focused most days.

I’ve opened my door just enough to look out the window in the room across the hall. Right now big, fluffy snowflakes are drifting down in meandering patterns, dancing in the wind. The only sound right now is the slight whir of my laptop’s internal fan. The silence is… beautiful.

How often do you have silence? Very often while I work organizing supplies or preparing for Sundays or Wednesday activities, I’ll have music, a podcast, or some energetic music depending on the level of focus required for the task. I’m almost constantly reading, or watching, or playing something at home. I play music while I cook dinner in the afternoon.

Mornings in my office have become moments of audio silence, although I’m still usually reading or working on something. This Lent, I’m thinking of adding daily silence to my routine, just 5-10 minutes. No computer, sound, or other input… just silence.

The Psalmist wrote, “Be still and know that I am God.” I may not be creating or producing while the silence happens, but that’s part of trusting God with that time. Even when I rest, when I take time to sit in silence and prayer, God is still working and has it handled.

Do you have silence in your life? If not, when could you carve out some time to experience a little silence in your schedule?


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