The Day After Easter

A while ago, I was struck nearly dumb with a thought by one of my current favorite theologians, N.T. Wright. He pointed out that just like God’s work in creation was done on Friday and he rested on Saturday in the Genesis account, God’s work in reconciling humanity to Himself was done on Friday and he rested on Saturday. God’s words, “It is very good,” signified a completion of work. Jesus words, “It is finished,” also signified the finishing of a work.

It’s the day after Easter, and I’m sitting here wiped out and incredibly exhausted from the weekend. With family, friends, events, and the amount of energy needed for the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, my brain is running on fumes at this point.

I can’t help but feel like there’s a subtle joy in the air. See, God’s plan of new creation began with Jesus. That new creation then became part of the life of all Christians. We are new, changed, something different that the world has trouble understanding. Our priorities are different, our way of loving goes beyond reason sometimes.

I wonder how the Apostles felt the day after Easter. Exhausted, emotionally numb from the grief and then sudden elation? Were they ready to nap, or were the so filled with adrenaline that they had trouble sleeping? Did they truly understand what was beginning?

I’m feeling a few of those things right now. I feel an excitement here at the church I serve, a growing sense of purpose and passion. I can sense that people are ready to go and are just waiting for the whistle to blow, like a group of elementary kids who can see the Easter eggs in the grass and are itching to snatch them up. I pray that God will use this pent up energy.

How about your church family? What about your home family? Is there an energy within that waiting to be released? Are you excited about what God is doing in you and through you? Stay prayerful and keep your eyes open, because God often uses the unexpected to make the amazing happen.


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