Inside Out…

… is one of the best children’s movies released, maybe ever. Can I stop writing now? No? All right, I guess I can elaborate.

For one, I have never been so close to tears in a movie in a long time. Though, seeing as though the entire movie is about emotions, it makes sense. In some ways, I felt nearly every possible emotion during this movie. I felt anger, disgust, sadness, fear, anxiety, loss, and the list goes on. The folks at Pixar certainly did their research and wrote with a depth of character and heart that I haven’t seen in a while.

For anyone who has a child close to the preteen age (especially young girls in that age bracket), you need to see this movie. Form the word “go” it’s obvious that research into contemporary neuroscience, psychology, and other related subjects factored heavily into the planning and writing of the script. The subtle changes and nuances in the young protagonist’s life are modeled so well by the interactions of the tiny emotions in her head.

I heard recently in a TED Talk that a sign of maturity is the ability to feel wildly different emotions at the same time, and be able to differentiate and appreciate the subtle combinations. The idea of bittersweetness comes to mind. I have ended several exciting weeks with camp and a mission trip within a month of each other. When the weeks ended, though, I felt a sense of sadness, but also joy in the fun and energy of the week. I could appreciate the feeling of sadness while feeling happy for what had happened at the same time. Or take recent events in the news where many of use felt heartbroken and angry all at the same time.

I marvel at the way God has designed us, to have such a varied pallet of emotions to experience. This is why I often like reading Mark more than the other accounts of Jesus’ life. Mark shows a Jesus who is emotional and interacts with those emotions in profound and often amazing ways. Somehow seeing Jesus show emotion makes it easier for me to experience and accept my own emotions.

Again, long story short – Inside Out is an amazing movie, you should see it, and emotions are wonderfully human parts of our lives!


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