Say it with me: “Deadpool” is NOT for kids!

I feel like I might be a little late to this party. I saw the movie last night and while I am about to write about it, do NOT take that as a rousing endorsement that you should run out and see the movie – unless you leave the kids at home and you have a strong constitution. Meaning, there is graphic violence, nudity, sexual content, and lots and lots of strong language (lots of “F” words for those of you wondering.) If that’s not enough, keep reading.

A little history: Deadpool is a Marvel Comics character introduced back in the gritty 90s. The character began as an anti-hero and self proclaimed “Merc with a Mouth.” And, yes, he had a mouth, a foul one. As the years went on, different writers took over the character and began to make some subtle changes, making Deadpool more of a humorous character, but still keeping the dark, twisted, mostly manically insane plots.

Deadpool himself never really considers himself a “hero” so much as a person who looks after himself and a few select individuals. In the comics, he’s known for making lewd, crude jokes and causing general violence and mayhem. Though, in comics, sense their generally made with a preteen/teen audience in mind, most of Deadpool’s

In the past year or so, Deadpool has been making some appearances in shows created by Disney, most notably “Ultimate Spider Man.” There, he is cleaned up and mostly relegated to fart jokes and occasional references to violence. Which, therein lies the problem. Deadpool has slowly worked his way from an obscure cult following to a mainstream character plastered on videogames, cartoons, t-shirts, and other merchandising.

Deadpool, though, is known for darker storylines that tackle hard subjects. For all the negatives this movie does a few things well. (For a reminder of those negatives, go back up and look at the last sentence in the first paragraph.)

I will say in the movie’s defense that it depicts an individual’s battle with cancer very well. This movie packs in the emotional punch of a drama at times while Wade Wilson (Deadpool) struggles with a diagnosis of late stage cancer that has invaded many of his organs. He struggles with indecision, hopelessness, whether or not to subject his then fiancee to a possibly long battle with cancer. He has to cope with a loss of control over his life and anger. Knowing so many people who have survived cancer diagnoses, I can only imagine what went through their heads when hearing the news for the first time, and, in a way, this seems to capture that initial frustration.

He ends up seeking experimental treatment… which ends up being a factory for turning people into mutants and enslaving them for military purposes. Wade continues to stay strong throughout the torture, unwilling to allow his spirit to be broken or to lose his sense of humor (as twisted as it might be.) Again, I have seen the effects of chemo treatment and how much of a toll it has on the body. I haven’t experienced it, but I can imagine it might feel like torture some days.

And then, Wade’s body becomes deformed, large welts and divots in his skin, making him look nearly leprous. And one of the main struggles of the movie is him working up the nerve to show himself to his fiancee, concerned as his is about his appearance and whether or not she’ll accept him.

Again, this movie is far from kid, preteen, or even teen friendly. But, it does have some positive elements. Again – do NOT take your kids to see this, no matter what commercial or poster you see. The studio itself and Ryan Reynolds (the leading actor), have issued statements that this film is not suitable for children.

TL;DR: DON’T TAKE YOUR KIDS TO SEE DEADPOOL! (Have I said that enough?)


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