Gleefully Watching the World Burn

Ok, just a quick post.

The past week a particular blog post has been circulating around concerning a particular Chattanooga area church. There are some troubling statements in it. It concerns me and I will be praying for that church. (No I’m not linking to the article, nor am I discussing what was said.)

But why would we, as Christian brothers and sisters so gleefully chuckle and clap our hands as this church begins to self-examine? Is there something inherently amusing about watching someone go through a trial? Do we want to watch an entire church crumble?

I would say it would be better for us all to pray. Pray that hearts are softened and change takes place. Pray that people flocking to that particular church are willing to stop, check Scripture, and make wise decisions about how to discuss what they believe.

Paul never had it in his mind to joyfully rip a church to shreds over its beliefs. Read Colossians, in which the church was beginning to face the tendrils of proto-gnosticism, and how lovingly, yet firmly, Paul reminds them of what he taught. Even the harshest of Paul’s letters, Galatians, still has the feel of a stern, but loyal coach who wants to see his players succeed in more than just the game.

So when you read the blog post, don’t cheer or laugh. Don’t secretly hope that all of those people will suddenly flock to your church. Pray. Pray hard.


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