Hope and Sickness

So, it’s the week leading up to Easter, and I had my own little brush with despair. Nothing really life-threatening, mind you, but enough to have me questioning life choices.

There are several strains of stomach illnesses making the rounds in this area (protect yourself!) and I was one of the lucky ones to win that lottery and contract it. Beginning at 10:30 Sunday night and continuing into 5:30 Monday morning, the toilet and I were very close friends. And compound that with being feverish and chilled, it was a very rough day. I still haven’t eaten much more than a few bites of broth and a piece of toast in about 24+ hours, but I’m keeping fluids in.

Why give you this update? Because this is often life. We go through spells of frustration, despair, sickness, and in the moment it seems like it will never end. Loss, need, betrayal, pain, disease, and fear tend to color our world with grays and blacks that block out the bright world we live in. Depression and anxiety set in and turn music into white noise.

But I did mention this is Easter week, which means that, as Christians, we have hope. Hope that good will come out of the bad. Our entire worldview is based around Jesus rising from the dead against all odds, finally striking down sin and death in one swift action! And sometimes I feel like we don’t focus on that enough. We weekly focus on the death of Jesus, pointing out the suffering and pain he dealt with on the cross, but I don’t hear us celebrating the victory as we talk amongst ourselves.

Maybe we just relate to the pain more. Maybe so many of us have those difficult problems weighing over us that we simply look at Jesus on the cross and think, “Yeah, that about sums it up.” And while that part was necessary, shouldn’t we be looking at the risen Jesus, in his power and glory, and saying, “That makes more sense!”

We are not a people of pain. We struggle, we hurt, we suffer – but not in vain. We have a hope in that Jesus has already overcome the world and its problems. We are part of a mission and a Kingdom that seeks to bring new life into the world.

Remember even in the darkest moments, we still have the light of the world guiding us through. Though sorrow may last for the night joy comes with the morning. And what a glorious morning Easter is!


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