Final Notice

As a service to my generation, and to all generations, really, I just want to say… MOTHER’S DAY IS SUNDAY!

That out of the way, what do you do for mom? What do you do for the woman who carried you for nine months and then had you forcefully evicted via c-section because your lazy bum didn’t want to leave? (Oh, right, that was just me, sorry.) Or what do you do for the woman who, out of all the kids in the world, adopted you as her “one more baby”? Or what do you do for that woman in your life who truly poured herself into you when no one else seemed to care? Moms come in all shapes and sizes, and careers, and languages, and ages, and personalities, and we all call them something special. I call mine “mom” or “mama.”

But, really, what do you do? Do you buy expensive gifts? Do you rush out and cobble something together out of supplies you found around the house? Do you make a meal? Do you pick flowers? Do you really think that one of 3 gifts you give your mama throughout the year is going to make up for everything she put into your life?

Consider this. In Exodus, the writer says a phrase that is often translated, “God remembered.” Now, this translation leaves a bit to be desired, as if God forgot the Israelites, or Moses, or Aaron and suddenly realized it: “Oh my goodness! I totally forgot about those guys that I personally chose to carry out my promise and blessings to the entire world!”

Rather, the word is closer to our word for “acknowledge.” Acknowledging carries with it a direct, appropriate response to someone or something. When I acknowledge a need, it means I have noticed it, taken stock, and have begun the process to remedy that need. That’s what God is doing here – seeing the problem, taking stock, and noting that now is the time to act. We wonder why God waits so long (400+ years for the Israelites in slavery) to act, but, when God does act, He does so with a purpose and zeal for His people!

What’s this got to with mother’s day? Well, God isn’t the only one who acknowledges. We, too, have a part to play by acknowledging God and His power and authority by worshiping. Worship is the proper response to acknowledging who God is and what He continues to do in our lives.

Now, we are created in God’s image, male and female, and each gender has its own unique gifting in teaching us about the nature of God. Mamas want to be acknowledged, remembered, loved. We all have different ways of showing our mama we love her. Each mama has her own way of receiving love, as well. God desires to love and be loved in return, and mama’s help us to see that in the way they love their children unconditionally and want to be loved in return. We see part of God’s nature in the way mamas shield, advise, cradle, correct, nurture, encourage, and provide for their children and others around them.

We often use “He” to describe God – for more reasons than I can get into here. But remember, both the Father and Jesus both said something like, “How I wish I could shelter you under my wings like a hen her chicks.” That’s mama language right there, which means God has those qualities, too, along with the reverence-inducing qualities.

So whoever you call mama, whether biological, adopted, foster, mentor, or friend, acknowledge them this mother’s day. And why stop at just mother’s day? There are 364 other days that mama’s could use some love.


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