Take Five, or 48… just think before you post this weekend

I’m writing this from a lovely balcony of our favorite bed and breakfast (The Blue and Gray Bed and Breakfast in Marietta, GA) on a cool morning in July. A nice breeze is blowing, and there is a peace in nature here that makes life worth pressing through in order to experience. The taste of quiche florentine and walnut muffin still linger in my mouth with the tartness of my herbal tea, dancing fitfully between savory and sweet. Life is lovely.

Except for some people this morning, minds are drought with death, prying questions from children and tears. This morning has few answers, more frustration and some have taken to voicing their opinions online.

I, too, am tired of the violence and disunity in these United States so soon after celebrating our nation’s founding…

But, please, before posting contentious articles claiming this or that, pause to consider the implications of these tragedies. These are human beings, like ourselves. There are sons and daughters without daddies. There are wives and girlfriends coping with empty chairs at the dinner table. There are mothers and fathers who will have one less car in their driveway at Christmas this year.

Please mourn with those who mourn. Save your politicking for Monday morning. Make this a Sabbath of peace, of space to grieve, mourn and reflect so that our next discussion will have less raw emotion or words for which we must apologize.

Treat others as you would want to be treated. Consider the children. 


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