Anxiously Awaiting the End of the World… I Mean, Week.

I got some wise advice when I was younger from a man who went through the school of hard knocks, got his doctorate, and wanted to pass on a little of that wisdom. He said, “Enjoy right now.” And, for the most part, I do. But there’s always temptation to worry about the future.

I don’t get anxious enough to not sleep often. Last night was one of those. I tossed, turned, fidgeted, got too hot, too cold, and everything in between. I had something on my mind. It was driving me crazy not having an answer, and there was so little I could do about it.

Some of you are thinking I was concerned about the election. You’d be wrong. I voted a week or so ago to get that out of the way. I’ve been listening and researching that train for the past year and a half.

No, I was having trip anxiety. This is a trait I received genetically from my mother. Leading up to and until the moment we arrive at our destination, neither of us are comfortable. Airports and sea ports are rough, as we’re checking and rechecking our preparations to get through security. We’re double checking that we have all, and I mean all, of the documents, copies, and duplicates of everything. So far this year, I had not suffered from this bizarre case of acute trip anxiety, until last night.

And in a way, that in and of itself is a blessing. “How does lack of sleep and constant worry constitute a blessing?” It’s a blessing because my worry is so inconsequential. It’s not life or death. I’m not concerned about whether or not a border guard will let me and my family cross into sanctuary from violence and death. I’m not concerned about whether or not my country will devolve into civil war again if peace talks don’t go well. I’m not even concerned about whether or not I can afford to purchase toilet paper. (Which I should do today…)

It reminds me about what Jesus said: “Don’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow has enough worry of its own.” He encouraged us to trust God, who supplies the needs of birds, flowers, and the smallest creatures. How much more will God take care of what He has made in His own image.

So whatever your worry is: “Cast your cares on Christ, for he cares for you.” “Let It Go,” as Elsa would say. “Always look on the bright side of life,” said… well, maybe we shouldn’t go there, ’tis a silly place.

Rest easy knowing the God of the Universe cares enough to restore, recreate, and transform this world, and still have time to care for sparrows and flowers… and you.

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