Pre-Christmas Mu”Seuss”ings

Ah, the crisp autumn air is beginning to creep into our fair valley as the leave’s colors turn deep. As I wander the stores I am puzzled and floored as the Christmas decorations on the shelves have been stored.

“I know what this means,” said I feeling poor, “the time now is coming for the ‘Holidays’ war.”

It comes every year with a bang and a clash, and vanishes by new year in hardly a flash. The moaning and shouting comes from the Christmas crowd, making every Facebook page seem a little too loud. Of course, we could let it go, some may say, but those foolish souls won’t live past the day. The rage and the froth produced by the hoards silence and cover up those faint wisdom chords.

Be jolly and merry, be giving and kind, don’t let this fine season leave you behind. Live out the Christmas spirit of joy, instead of bitterness causing you to annoy. The reason is Jesus, we can certainly attest, and showing that with your own life would be best.

In other words, if greetings and cups and decor grind your gears, be sensitive, please, to your friends’ gentle ears. Don’t shout or fight, or repost that meme, instead act out with pride your dear Christmas dream.



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