You May Have an Idol in Your House an Not Even Know It!

Throughout the Bible, God’s main concern is where His people are placing their trust and worship. Israel found itself constantly caught in an affair of worship with false gods, and Jesus and Paul were usually challenging what it meant to worship God in truth and in spirit. So what about today? We’ve solved our worship problem… right?

I will admit that today I am tired. I have received a visit from my old friend A. Sinus Infection last night and we are currently having tea together in my office. (He always overstays his welcome, and as a friend, I call him “jerkface.” He doesn’t seem to mind or get the hint to leave.) Regardless, I have reached the end of my processing ability for the news lately… or maybe I’ve just reached the end of my processing ability for the reaction to the news.

To begin, I am in Numbers right now, which deals with the struggles of godly leadership and the perils of ungodly leadership. I have seen in the before and after shots what effect the presidency has on the men who have occupied the role. I cannot imagine the stress and massive sense of responsibility that comes with that office. That said, I have little to no faith that things will change overly much for good or ill regardless of who’s in the White House. I’ve said before, America boasts a government for, of, and by the people, so the guy in the big chair is simply the byproduct of whatever the country may be feeling, not necessarily the ultimate decider of its destiny.

I know some of my readers feel otherwise. I know some people on Facebook who seem to believe that any opposing political viewpoint is a personal attack. Why is it a personal attack, I wonder? It could be that one is simply interested in a fair and balanced examination of the facts, taking into account facts, experience, and feelings? Maybe it’s to challenge blind faith? Or maybe, because our trust is placed in something earthly, mortal, fallible, and we’re scared we may be proven wrong?

When Israel asked for a king, God gave them one, along with the caveat of what happens when kings come into power. (It’s a long, nasty list.) But God had a different plan in mind from the beginning. He wanted His people to be royal priests, responsible for caring for one another and creation while also giving due glory to God. Idolatry is handing one or both of those responsibilities to something, or someone else.

Where is your trust? Are you handing your God-given authority and responsibility to something or someone else? Worship is more than singing, worship is a lifestyle of reflection – of God into the world and praise back to God. When we place our trust and hand over our power to institutions, persons, or objects, that’s where we are giving our praise and worship, and that’s who, or what, we’re reflecting back into the world.

Stop and reflect the next time you become angry when you bump up against an opposing viewpoint and become angry or defensive. Why are you feeling that way? Does it lead to positive action sustained by love of others? Does it lead to dominance-seeking exchanges of words and articles? If it’s the latter… maybe you should start to wonder if your worship is in the wrong place…

How do your reactions with your children and family show where your worship is going? How do your priorities illustrate that you take your responsibility to and from God seriously? When is it hardest to fully put your trust in God?

Oh, and check under the driver’s side seat in your preferred method of transportation, I understand that’s a good hiding place. (Genesis 31, particularly v.34-35)

Photo Credit: Billy Idol 2012.JPG via Wikimedia Commons

And if you got the joke, good for you.


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