Your Kids Will Read What You Post

Being a Millennial parent, I’m going to throw out a word of warning to other parents of today: nothing is ever gone from the internet. Unless you’re highly trained [or have an enormous amount of petty cash] and willing to get into some questionably legal territory, what you post, even if “deleted” is still in a cache somewhere and can be accessed.

That said, it may be cute to talk about your kids online. It may be cathartic to bemoan your kids negative traits or new habits or obsessions. It may be fun to poke fun when they don’t have an online presence. Yes, indeed all of these things may be true, but it is also true that someday your children will be online and will have access to a large list of what you said. You remember the Miranda Rights speech from Law and Order: “…anything you say can and will be used against you…” Keep in mind that search engines and technology continues to improve, meaning that your child’s access to what you have posted online may be more thorough than you could ever imagine right now.

It could be devastating when a child is suddenly confronted by what they may consider a “more true” opinion of them from a parent’s online posting than what they hear from that parent face-to-face. Words have power. The way we speak about people when they’re not in the conversation often colors the way we think about them. This explains part of the Bible’s prohibition against gossip.

How do your online posts speak about your children? Do your posts show annoyance? Pride? Love? Hatred? What changes would you make knowing that your child could and would read the posts you have written and will write about them?


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