How the Coffee-cup stole Christmas!

Despite all our wishing, our hoping, our scheming, one tiny red cup has left Christians screaming. They’ve howled and they’ve hooted, saying “These villains should be booted!” The articles being typed faster than light have left many people regretting their own sense of sight. I’ve seen them and rolled my eyes ever harder, as people point out that Christmas is the martyr.

Now, in some way I get the muss and the fuss, but, really, is this the thing that’ll make a preacher cuss? Consider the state of Christmas this year, the sales and the merchandise already filling the air. The sound of pre-packaged tunes loom ever nearer, while our perspective on the issue never quite gets clearer.

“A cup,” they exclaim, “has stolen Christmas already!” The response, also clanging, “Don’t you people think this is petty!?”

“Of course, it is not,” one side shouts with a clamor, “Christmas is supposed to be about the Savior.”

“While we don’t disagree,” say the suits and execs, “all that we want is financial success. Your beliefs and your faith mean little to big business, except for the fact that they share the same name: Christmas. We can manufacture emotion with movies, warmth with a drink, with the evidence around you, what more could you think?”

I propose a new thought, although it is old, let’s not think our Lord is out in the cold. If He really is Lord, and Lord over all, then maybe, just maybe, this order’s not so tall: to celebrate the gift we were given that night, and keep Jesus Christ and our family firmly in sight.

So whatever the sellers of packages, boxes and bags may relate as they show us new things that promise to elate, remember the reason we celebrate two whole months starting now, is Jesus the King and not some ridiculous cash cow.

So from one Christmas lover to those feeling the same, I wish you and yours peace and love in His Name. Now as the hands holding your coffee are thawed, may you all go in peace, to love and serve God.

(But seriously, though, if God really is King a blank red cup is very unlikely to disturb his plans or reign. Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus this year, instead of trying to shout down advertisers. Simplicity and beauty are wonderful things, especially this time of year. So as the Christmas season comes closer, keep an eye on your thoughts and your attitude. I know I’ll have to.)