When will I finally know everything?

So, as I approach the age of thirty, I have been asking myself a simple question: is that when everything’s going to finally make sense? So far, as I’ve interviewed people who have reached thirty and lived to tell the tale, the answer was “no.” So I reached farther and asked people at forty and fifty… and they didn’t feel like they had finally “made it” either.

That leaves me standing here with a ton of unanswered questions feeling inadequate because I can’t answer every question nor can I state with confidence that I “have it all together.” I show up on Sunday as the ordained, degreed minister and look into the eyes of children and wonder, “How do I possibly teach these impressionable young humans and help them experience God’s amazing love?” (Answer: humbly, by modeling love and grace in how I act)

Interestingly, Job helps me out on this one. Near the end of the book named after a long-suffering man, God begins grilling him, asking questions like, “Where you there when I created all of this stuff? Did you make creatures that can move? Can you understand the deep mysteries of life?” And, like Job, I sit silently shaking my head in awe.

I hear about survey after survey about parents who are unsure about how to talk about faith topics at home. I get it, it can be nerve-wracking. And, yet, it doesn’t have to be. As a parent, you don’t have to know everything when you dive into the Bible with your children. You can uncover and explore right along with your children! Is there a question you can’t answer? Look into it together. Go ask someone, or read up on the many resources available online or at your local church.

When dealing with children, we’re not expected to have all of the answers. Instead, let’s focus on being present and humble enough to pray, discover, and worship together.

Have you ever felt ill-equipped to talk about faith at home? What did you do? What are some ways you and your family can explore the Bible and faith together?